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Dental fillings are the answer to damaged teeth. This treatment involves restoration and repair of your teeth to the point where it is good as new. Teeth structure and function are fully restored after a dental filling. When your teeth has been damaged because of a minor fracture or tooth decay, you will need a filling.

Usually, filling materials used are resin, glass ionomer, mercury or porcelain. Composite or resin is made of ground glass and resin. These materials are self-hardening. When a broken or chipped tooth needs repair, the material used is composite. Resin or composite match the tooth color precisely so that teeth look flawless.

For crowns, cosmetic veneers, onlays and inlays, porcelain or ceramic filling material is used. Durability is increased when metal and ceramic are used. The best advantage of using this type of dental filling is that no allergic reactions are involved. It is also able to resist surface wear and leakage.

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