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Do you know what a root canal is? Well, it is dental procedures used in the treatment of a central part of a tooth. Sometimes back, dentists were pulling out teeth having injuries and diseased but nowadays, with the root canal treatment, a tooth is repaired and saved if severely damaged. These procedure involves:

* Removing of the injured area is especially the pulp out the canals and cleaning using special files to remove debris.
* In some cases, there is disinfecting to remove bacteria
* Filling using unique rubber-like material follows. These depend on the location of the tooth in the mouth.
* Lastly, there is a temporary sealing material on top to prevent contamination in the root canals.

Root canals allow the dentist to take out the nerve, clean the canal and seal the tooth. Essentially protecting and saving the tooth. After an opening is created through the crown of the tooth into the dental pulp chamber, the nerve is taken out. The canal is cleaned out, and the pulp chamber is filled permanently. The dentist will proceed by putting in a temporary filling. Afterwards, the temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent filling or a crown, depending on the location of the tooth within the mouth.

A tooth which is restored correctly through root canal treatment although can fracture or decay like the others will be useful for many years.

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