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One way your dentist helps you restore your pearly whites is through dental crowns. Typically, when a large filling exceeds the natural structure of teeth, a dental crown is used. Your trusted dentist in Cameron may also suggest that you get a crown if you previously went through a dental filling combined with a root canal or had canal therapy. In fact, you may also want a dental crown for cosmetic reasons. For example, you can add sparkle to your smile by getting a gold dental crown.

In a dental crown procedure, your dentist first applies local anesthesia to the area. Even if you have had a root canal in the past, anesthesia will still be applied. Once your gums are numb, a dental crown is then fabricated by your dentist using your mandibular and maxillary arches. This is an important step since crowns need to match the structure of your mouth accurately.

Depending on what crown you prefer, your dentist will try and match the rest of your teeth perfectly. Of course, in the case of gold crowns, this step won’t apply. A good dental crown is something you won’t even feel and after a while, you may even forget you went through this procedure. Call your dentist today at (844) 206-4899 to get the best advice about dental crowns in Cameron for your teeth.

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